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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Tue Jan 02 2001 - 11:04:25 PST

On Tue, 2 Jan 2001, Jeffrey Kay wrote:

--]If you want another rule to add to the mix, try this one -- the intensity of
--]e-mail flames is directly proportional to the distance between the sender
--]and the receiver. The closer you are (proximity) to the sender, the lower
--]the intensity of the flame.

I tend to falme based on content not distance.
A personality that is apt to be a toss-and-hide type in email might
be said to have some basic behavoirstic problems with communicaions not
because of the tech but , most likely, becuase of the person with the

Of course in a mindset that determines the responsibility of its memebrs
not by thier action but by the object of thier actions it is no wonder we
are seeing so much focus on the noun and not the verb.

I am getting a kick out of the continued arguments over the last decades
over tech, communications and so called interposonal disconectedness in
society. The biggest laugh being that most of the die hard arguments
against the progress of communication mediums take place in email lists
and usenet.

Shot off the other foot while your at it and you can collect disability
or if your crafty call it a "grant".

The pathways of communications betweeen people have grown amazingly in the
last 20 or so years. The things people can do with each other is also
amazing. The proof is in the actuality of things, real and actal usage
being far supperior a proof than supposed or concocted "universal"

That a communication medium for humans is filled with human problems as
well as human achievments is pretty much to be expected.


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