Re: [VOID] Thirty-one, rest, and motion.

From: Strata Rose Chalup (
Date: Tue Jan 02 2001 - 17:55:30 PST

In the book "Extraordinary People: Understanding Savant Syndrome"
there is a discussion of lightning calculators and other mathematical

In particular, mention was made of two projects, one where the rules for
lightning calculations of a variety of types were discovered, and
another (possibly a continuation of the first) where grad students spent
several weeks learning the rules and were able to replicate most types
of mathematical calculation savant behavior. I don't recall if specific
cites to the research were given in the bibliography.

If I had kids, I'd be tempted to dig deeper. :-)


Matt Jensen wrote:
> ...
> BTW, I was looking for another reference on this topic, and stumbled on a
> report about "anzan", an ancient Japanese technique for impressive mental
> calculations. Schoolchildren practice it, and then compete in events.

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