Re: Getting together in Las Vegas, was: Re: Antitrust

From: Stephen D. Williams (
Date: Tue Jan 02 2001 - 23:37:47 PST

Gordon Mohr wrote:
> I've always wanted to see the CES, even though I've never had a
> legitimate business reason to go.
> I still don't have a legitimate business reason, but may go
> anyway, Thu/4th/eve-through-Mon/8th/morn.
> Are we approaching FoRKevent critical mass?
> - Gordon

If you go, that makes 4 I believe. If you send email directly to me (not via
FoRK) I'll get it on my RIM/eLink (aka CrackBerry). Otherwise, call my cell:
703-371-9362. I leave for LV tomorrow afternoon.

If anyone's really interested in crypto or biometrics, I've been invited to a
private party/sales smooze by at the House of Blues Foundation
Room at the top of Mandalay Bay. It's pretty exclusive (although my
buddy/partner is a member so I've been there before). I have enough passes
for several more people. This event is on Sunday night from 5pm-9pm and
limo's will pick us up from the show.

I'm going to get sick of the Las Vegas hollow glitz pretty quickly, but I did
have an interesting time after being accosted by super models and their camera
crew after a pageant the last time I was there... I didn't realize that there
were huge 'mansions' in the hotels as big as medium hotel floors for a single
guy. I got to play anthropologist in the middle of these weird people.


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