RE: ian-L: Don't listen to your customers. Lie to them and screw them at every opportunity. After all, they are the enemy. (fwd)

Date: Wed Jan 03 2001 - 09:45:12 PST

The date at the bottom of the article is Dec. 29, 2000. I just noticed
the last line of it. We're entering a depression? heh.

On Tue, 2 Jan 2001, Joseph S. Barrera III wrote:

> When the heck was that piece actually written???
> I haven't had to think about IRQs or extended memory for years...
> and spell check has NEVER been difficult to run.
> - Joe (no MSFT lover by any means)
> "It may even be possible to get a Windows machine to run a spell-checker if
> you are prepared in advance for the salt-over-the-left-sholder and stomp up
> and down three times trick just to turn it on. PC people inevitably use
> their machines to perform one or two jobs. Yes, you can write and
> spell-check on the same day, but you are pushing the edge of the envelope
> and you had better be thinking extended memory and IRQs if you want to add
> software or hardware."
> >

 "A civilized society is one which tolerates eccentricity to the point of doubtful sanity."
          -- Robert Frost

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