Another P2P XML J2EE player?

From: Chris Olds (
Date: Wed Jan 03 2001 - 17:09:06 PST,9836,452016,00.html

These guys have apparently been around for a bit, but I don't remember
seeing anything about them or InfoCanvas (who they used to be). They are
using Java (J2EE) for their Sitelets (yeech!); they apparently expect that
people will buy and sell Sitelets, but there aren't any details on their


"Consilient touts flexible collaboration without boundaries through process
management. Leveraging P2P communications, Consilient's small, portable
applets called Sitelets let individuals initiate and control transactions
without requiring other parties to use similar setups. Individuals become a
part of an open collaboration community, thereby overcoming the barriers of
traditional closed collaboration systems. Large enterprises can benefit from
the flexibility of Consilient's P2P community model. To understand
Consilient, you must understand Sitelets -- self-contained, portable XML
documents containing the components of a business process (visual interface,
business logic, and data). Think of a Sitelet as a mini-application server
that can be delivered via any Web-enabled application or device such as
e-mail, a URL, or a PDA."

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