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Sure it's a press release, but you need to have
a technical background to truly appreciate it. /gab

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For Immediate Release - Press Contacts

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Peer-to-Peer Computing Gets Its Chief Security Architect

Irvine (CA), January 4, 2001 - Endeavors Technology Inc., leader in
open-source, peer-to-peer (P2P) web software for Internet-enabled devices,
today announces the appointment of Stephen Schwab as its chief security
architect. The appointment recognizes the need for the P2P movement to
address security issues as a central element of this new direction in
computing technology, and reflects Endeavors Technology's leadership role in
creating the enabling software architecture.

Schwab brings to Endeavors Technology and the P2P sector extensive expertise
in the development of high-performance, high-confidence systems software and
network engineering. He comes to Endeavors from the recent DARPA active
networks project. DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, was
the agency that funded the world's most commonly used networking protocols.
Sponsored projects include IP, TCP, Ethernet, and SMTP.

At The Aerospace Corporation, Schwab led the early adoption of ATM
networking technology for LANs, WANs and satellite (global) networks, first
by utilizing ATM networks within the DARPA-sponsored Compositional C++/Nexus
projects, then co-leading architecture development and start-up of the
Pacific Bell California Research and Education Network ARC project, and
finally demonstrating production-ready applications on a number of national
and global-scale ATM networks.

He has also conducted research in operating systems, distributed systems,
parallel algorithms and parallel architecture. At Network Associates, he was
principal investigator for the DARPA/NSA Advanced Security Proxies (ASP)
project, and the DARPA-sponsored AMP project.

The ASP project is investigating the problem of designing and implementing a
firewall for ATM OC-12 and other high-speed network technologies.
Utilization of extensible operating systems and custom hardware accelerators
is being investigated within this project. The ASP firewall prototype uses
the Scout operating system, centered around the abstraction of
network-centric paths composed of a sequence of protocol-specific software

The AMP project is demonstrating the use of an Exokernel as the basis for a
nodal operating system for the larger Active Networks program that enables
active code to be executed securely, safely, and with high performance.
Active Networks support end-user programmability of routers via transport
and execution of mobile code within interior network routers. In order to
protect the network from malicious user code, AMP controls access through
the use of hierarchically-named user identifiers, similar to capabilities,
that permits efficient revocation of access rights.

"There are very few people in the world with Steve's mix of security
expertise, leading-edge Internet innovation, forest-level view and
tree-level hands-on technical skills," says author and consultant John
Sebes, one of the Internet's top experts on information security.
"Endeavors Technology is very lucky to have someone not just with those
skills but also the entrepreneurial spirit and the drive to ensure that
global P2P deployment is not just done with security, but with security that
is done right to fit a complex set of business, technology, and engineering

Brian Morrow, president and chief operations officer of Endeavors
Technology, comments: "By 2004, over one billion web-enabled devices will
rely on peer-to-peer technology as the hub for business workflow. Stephen
Schwab brings a wealth of expertise and experience to ensure that Endeavors
Technology's Magi suite software can guarantee the security and integrity of
private Peer-to-Peer communities."

More On Magi
Magi peer-to-peer technology enables organizations, groups and individuals
to find, share and act upon information anywhere, at any time, by making the
power of a web server available on any Internet-enabled device. Its open,
standards-based application platform incorporates automated e-process agents
that enable event-driven, multi-way communications between servers, PCs,
PDAs, Internet-ready phones and embedded chips. The Magi suite of tools grew
from research carried out at the University of California Irvine, partly
funded by the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), and
integrates Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) technology. A
P2P architecture white paper can be accessed at

About Endeavors Technology
Endeavors Technology is a wholly owned subsidiary of mobile computing and
network infrastructure vendor Tadpole Technology plc (www.tadpole.com),
which has plants and offices in Irvine and Carlsbad (California), and
Cambridge, Edinburgh, Bristol and Reading (UK). For further information on
Endeavors' P2P solutions, call 949-833-2800, email to info@endtech.com, or
visit the company's website www.endtech.com


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