Britney Spears' Guide to Semiconductor Physics

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Date: Thu Jan 04 2001 - 19:13:39 PST

Not sure which part of this website I like the best. Perhaps it's
Britney Spears' Guide to Semiconductor Basics:

Perhaps it's the newsfeeds:

Perhaps it's the lyrics competition:

Perhaps it's the parody of Google called "Booble":

Perhaps it's the (in Dr. Evil voice) "lasers":

It is a little known fact, that Ms Spears is an expert in semiconductor
physics. Not content with just singing, in the following pages, she will
guide you in the fundamentals of the vital laser components that have
made it possible to hear her super music in a digital format.

Click to see:
   The Basics of Semiconductors
   p-n Junctions
   Radiative and Non-radiative Transitions
   Edge-emitting Lasers
   Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers
   Photonic Crystals
   Semiconductor and Optoelectronics Newsfeed
   Britney Spears' Guide to Semiconductor Physics wallpaper

Perhaps it's the abstract showing that there are far too many acronyms
in the semiconductor and telecommunications field:

"TH-HELLISH: A SMART VCSEL for a PIXEL. The material is grown by MOCVD,
MOVPE or MBE, or PEMBE, but never by MCVD, consists of p-n layers of
GaAlAs/GaAs or GaInAsP/GaAs/InP and even GaAlNAs somewhat similar to
HEMT but in fact it is a cross between a CHINT and NERFET, but should
never be confused with HE2PRAM, MOMOM or MOMS, THETA and FAMOS which are
based on either ballistic transport or real space transfer in LDS and
LDD. It can have MQWs like HBTs or MSMs. It's optical characterisation
can be carried out using SPC, PITS, DLTS, PL and HEPL techniques.
Electrical characterisation is done by measuring MT, SdH, HS I-V and T
dependence of QM and TM. It can find applications in OTDM, WDM and
BDD. It can be operated in RIFAT CW or PS mode. A DBR or two can be
incorporated into the structure to achieve spectral purity higher than
those in DFBs of FPs or conventional VCSELs. It can be incorporated into
a NOLP or any OEIC to find applications in PIC, PCM and PMD and OTDM,
SONET and SAGCM applications are more difficult to justify especially in
the current climate of rejection of novel devices by established
manufacturers. We beleive that SRS measurements are not possible due to
high SNR in the SLMFD. PON and AONW applications are equally possible if
it were to be made into a STM where STS measurements are easier. WDMAN
applications look promising. However, WGR and XPM and TCP and IP
applications do not look that encouraging."



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