RE: [XML Magazine] A Chat with Jeremie Miller

From: Lucas Gonze (
Date: Mon Jan 08 2001 - 16:20:24 PST

RE: [XML Magazine] A Chat with Jeremie MillerMy hard earned experience with
javascript is to avoid it whenever possible. That has always served me
well. There are too many inconsistencies across browser makers and
versions. You end up with write once, debug every OS, every browser, every

  As for whether browsers are pull model, my impression is that even the
knownow miracle JS library has the browser initiate the connection. Is that

  - Lucas

> > Web browsers weren't really designed to be able to receive these
> > real-time events and handle sockets in the way that we do. They're
> > really a "pull" sort of model. The action has to be initiated inside
> > the Web browser, so it's difficult to map some sort of Instant
> > Messaging model into a Web browser because they just
> weren't designed
> > to do that.
> I respectfully disagree.
  Me too. The Web works both ways.

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