Just Enough Security

From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (gbolcer@endtech.com)
Date: Mon Jan 08 2001 - 18:08:16 PST

A small Herring story.


             If you think security's tough to manage from a
             PC-centric perspective, just wait until wireless
             becomes more pervasive. Seeing that challenge up
             ahead, peer-to-peer software company Endeavors
             Technology hired Stephen Schwab as its chief
             security architect.

             For the last three years, Mr. Schwab has been
             working on a mobile code project funded by the
             Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
             (DARPA) at Network Associates (Nasdaq:
             NETA). He was recruited aboard in part by Michael
             Gorlick, the company's chief software architect and
             a former colleague at The Aerospace Corporation.
             The two have regularly gossiped over the last few
             years about who was rotating in and out of DARPA

             Mr. Schwab believes that wireless Internet-enabled
             devices will penetrate the market over the next few
             years, making his job a critical part of Endeavor's
             strategy. "Security will become a more pervasive
             thing -- we're not talking about a computer that stays
             behind a locked door anymore," he says.

             He started his new job at Endeavor, a wholly owned
             subsidiary of network infrastructure vendor Tadpole
             Technology, on December 14. More recently,
             Network Associates replaced a number of other top
             employees, including CEO and chairman William
             Larson (succeeded by IBM vet George Samenuk),
             president Peter Watkins, and CFO Prabhat Goyal.

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