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What If you learned that income tax was completely voluntary and that there was absolutely no law requiring anyone to file or pay income taxes..?
You can attend a live and interactive conference callheld by Former Judge John Rizzo and Former District Attorney Warren Richardson (lobbyist and attorney) to explain the laws proving that you do not have to pay income tax without any worry or confrontation.
If you are currently experiencing trouble with the IRS and have lawsuits, liens and/or judgements against you, we have the answers and can help. If that is the case.. CALL ME NOW..
Don't wait until the last minute to get this information!

 Call Me to schedule an appointment for the 1st available Conference at: 800-305-5488 Leave name and number twice and best time to call.. All your questions will be answered.

You will be contacted and be scheduled to attend the live and interactive conference call..

First Come First Served...

Thanks, DENNIS

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