Re: Organizine shuts down one week after its launch

From: Dave Winer (
Date: Thu Jan 11 2001 - 11:11:54 PST

All the editing activity can be moved onto the desktop computer, without
sacrificing ease of use. That's the key to making this stuff work, which
despite protests to the contrary, is quite real. Also achieves another
important goal -- give the user control of his or her data. Right now it's
all locked up and inaccessibe on the servers. This is not a long-term
workable situation. Dave

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> Perhaps the correct model, atleast for broadband connected people, is to
> have each person host their own web application, for a software charge or
> for free depending upon your preference and on what underlying software
> use, and charge for upstreaming or 'caching' at 24/7 servers...
> This way you dont have to maintain, and when you do, you charge.
> As far as the personal web server(by which I mean also the means to edit,
> RU for example) is concerned, I liked Netscape's original model: free for
> non-commercial, non-free for commercial, but shrinkwraps available even
> noncommercials with value adds..
> Shrinkwrap is expensive though. In Humane interface Jef Raskin talks about
> the basic data and methods being sold at a reasonable upfront price (or
> perhaps even free), with bundles of additional methods being paid for as
> Rahul
> I got this from you:
> >
> > Adam, all good points. This is why it's time to talk about decentralized
> > models for using the Internet because the centralized model ran out of
> > benefactors sometime around March last year. If you don't run a free
> > server sorry you just don't know what the issues are. But this is going
> > come home for users, eventually the free services are going away. Dave
> >

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