Re: Organizine shuts down one week after its launch

From: Rahul Dave (
Date: Thu Jan 11 2001 - 12:18:11 PST

Yes, infact there is no reason why 3-or 4 way sync cannot be achieved..
by which I mean
(a) home machine
(b) office machine, both permanentlty or semi-perm connected
(c) laptop
 (d) upstreamer, cacher, backuper.

 The benefir of the backuper here is that I can write something at home, when
 I login from office or laptop, I get the latest stuff.

 As for being on the road where I do not have my preferred app, I need to be
 able to downgrade the sidplay to simple html and send it to a regular browser.

 For example I am working on a calendar widget for mozilla in XUL, basically
 a small little DTD will describe a calendar, the XML corresponding to it
 can be easily generated and moved around. But its useless in netscape 4, so
 whatever my upstremer server is, whether its on my desktop, or somewhere in
 the cloud will recognize I have netscape4 and do the extra work to render
 it into html..

 Some data formats wont lead themselves to downgrading, especially those
 which have formatting information; in this case if content is simple+parametric
 in formatting which is simple and visible: a HTML <b></b> pair for example,
 in which it is clear that more stuff within that pair mens more bolding,
 then we dont have a problem, or even better if we are using stylesheets with
 XML. On the other hand binary and complex inline formats are best avoided.

I got this from you:
> >>This is exactly why I still think attention needs to be paid to web
> applications that function on a server.
> I can do that too. The server for my desktop blogmanager runs on my desktop
> of course, but it's just a website, so I can access it from the road too.
> Dave

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