RE: Virtuoso: Buzzword 2.0 compliant!

From: Jim Whitehead (
Date: Thu Jan 11 2001 - 22:38:42 PST

Actually, I think there were inspired by the Engelbart vision of having all
of your information (documents, email, etc.) within the same repository.
It's just a database backed object repository under the covers I'm sure.

- Jim

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> Subject: Virtuoso: Buzzword 2.0 compliant!
> [More acronyms than a case of Alpha-Bits! No, Lorin, not Altsys', but
> rather OpenLink Software's. I dare anyone to identify who actually
> needs to buy the product. Nor who was brilliant enough to brand
> something this multifaceted so blandly... Rohit]
> >Virtuoso 2.01 is the first CROSS PLATFORM E-business integration
> >server to implement Web, File, and Database server functionality
> >alongside Native XML Storage, and Universal Data Access Middleware
> >as a single server solution.
> >
> >It includes support for key Internet, Web, and Data Access standards
> >such as: XML, XPATH, XSL-T, SOAP, WebDAV, SMTP, SQL-92, ODBC, JDBC,
> >and OLE-DB.
> [ The graphics are too precious:
> ]
> What is Virtuoso?
> Virtuoso is a cross platform eBusiness Integration Server that
> provides critical eBusiness infrastructure by implementing the
> following industry standard protocols in a single product: XML,
> OLE-DB.Its extensive protocol support provides you with Web, File,
> Database, Mail, News/Discussion, Search, Replication, and SOAP server
> functionality.
> Why Do I Need Virtuoso?
> Because knowledge is power or competitive advantage (depending on how
> you choose to exploit it). All Knowledge comes from Information, and
> Information is produced from Data.
> The Internet is reducing the cost of accessing Information, thereby
> increasing the appetite and rates at which Information is produced
> and consumed. Unfortunately data required for the production of
> Information simply does not reside within one database engine within
> your organization. Whether you know it or not it is highly probable
> that the quest for critical information within your organization
> actually requires traversing several data sources served by numerous
> database engines from different database vendors.
> Virtuoso simply reduces the cost of bringing together data from
> different data sources with the view to accelerating the production
> of information by your Query Tools, Web & Internet Application
> Development Environments, Traditional Application Development Tools,
> and Desktop Productivity Tools. Virtuoso enables you compete
> effectively in the Information Age.

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