Re: 1-kilogram Linux server, $1300 (fwd)

Date: Fri Jan 12 2001 - 08:59:43 PST

Justin Mason wrote:

> It's a SBC (single board computer); some of these come with roughly that
> form factor, with built-in sound, video, 10BaseT ethernet, USB, parallel,
> serial, kbd/mouse, and the (trade-only) price is under $600 (I'd reckon;
> probably depends on volume as well though).

The integrated mainboards are usually crappy, I'd stay away from
any such setups if stability and performance is an issue (it is not
if we're talking about a Winders desktop). Essentially, you have
to research premium stability and performance components
which fit your OS/drivers.

Of course, if you have massive redundancy (a large cluster where
no one gets hurt if a node dies), the integrated crap is the way
to go due to better price/performance (and a smaller footprint).

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