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Envirokare Tech Inc. - Our Technology Moves The World!

StockMarket Profile:

Envirokare Tech Inc.: OTCBB (ENVK)
Market Capitalization: $10.2 Mil
Shares Outstanding: 11.3 Mil
Average Daily Volume: 68.9 K
Price: $0.53 (as of 01/09/01 close)

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12/01/00 - The Former CEO of Sara Lee, Charles H. Stein, Joins Envirokare; The Comapany has a New Breakthrough in Wireless Technology in Combination with Global Positioning Satellites and New Plastics Manufacturing Technology.


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The global thermoplastics industry currently generates Billions in revenues and is growing. This does not include the larger mold category (automotive parts, containers, trusses, walls, marine hulls etc.), that has been deliberately ignored (until now) due to unfeasibility. International shipping produces over $400 Billion while pallet production in the U.S. generates $6 Billion in annual revenues. In today's global economy Businesses are flocking to the Internet for a number of reasons, the most paramount being that B to B platforms give them the ability to compete globally and expand their market share. The company that provides an-easy-to-use inexpensive platform for shipping services to these businesses will have the potential to generate huge revenues and profits.

Envirokare Tech, Inc. is a development stage company which, was formed to create and market environmentally responsible products from primarily recycled materials. Envirokare has long been cognizant that before recycled products can be widely accepted they must first be commercially viable. Paying premium rates for the privilege of saying, "We use recycled" does not compute in most companies bottom line.

The products which, Envirokare would produce also had to be recyclable in some form. Preferably being reused to produce the same product.

Envirokare's first product will be a pallet made primarily from recycled plastics and glass fiber reinforcements. The company's original intention was to create a pallet with a high content of recycled pre-vulcanized rubber obtained from waste automobile tires. Although still, high on the company's priority list the high content rubber pallet would be impractical from a business standpoint, to introduce at this time.

Envirokare will, instead release to market a pallet with approximately eighty percent recycled thermoplastic content. The pallet will be manufactured using a NEW MANUFACTURING PROCESS called, THERMOPLASTIC FLOW FORMING or TPF, the TPF process is a proprietary process which enables the manufacturer to create large structural parts using thermoplastic resins. The process is capable of using recycled or virgin resins and is designed to reuse it's own waste, thereby producing no waste by products.

Once again, for full details please visit http://www.cybersitebroker.com/envk

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