'Antitrust' RIM Report

From: sdw@lig.net
Date: Sun Jan 14 2001 - 18:15:31 PST

Just saw 'Antitrust' here in Denver.

Not bad at all. Relatively low cheese factor and very plausible location, sets, props, dialog, costumes, and even snippets of code (Java) and OS (Linux).

There were dozens, maybe hundreds of details that seemed really familiar to me from one environment or another.

Sort of a Tron theme meets MS real life meets 'Enemy of the State'. Also reminded me of the spoof of MS 'adopting' a child genius housed on the MS campus and Bill's buddy.

Of course there were some shortcuts: fiber to a camera? Java on a satellite? (soon I suppose) Details about the satellite architecture. Addressing satellites by IP address? (could be done on a new network of course but always along with declination etc.) Video surveillance resolution far beyond hardware available...


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