Re: 'Antitrust' RIM Report

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Date: Mon Jan 15 2001 - 09:34:38 PST

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> Is it me, or was that an Apple titanium laptop on Tim Robbins' desk?
> They used Macs throughout, and yet if it were, I'd expect more
> triumphant product placement.

I saw this last Thursday at an RSA Security-sponsored screening. I must
have gotten at least three separate mailings from RSAS over the last month
touting their participation & product placement in the movie. (They even
sent out half-sheets with a "Look for RSA Security" added.)

When I came out of the movie, I told the four RSAS folks there that while
they got reasonable placement, anyone who didn't know better would think
that RSAS made ID badge-making equipment. For all the hype, I was very
disappointed that there was no crypto in the movie at all, just too-short
"activation codes" sent to satellites on net 10 addresses!


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