RE: It's hard to talk with my tongue in my cheek.

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Date: Tue Jan 16 2001 - 10:08:24 PST

Have a question, post an e-mail and Bob's your Uncle!

No really, Bob's your uncle:


>Of course there's no relation to:
>What a great band - esp. live.
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> wrote:
> >At Red Hat, we had the "Body Opponent Bag," or Bob, in support.
>bob n. At Demon Internet, all tech support personal are called "Bob".
>(Female support personnel have an option on "Bobette"). [...] it was
>triggered by an unusually large draft of new tech-support people in
>1995. It was observed that there would be much duplication of names.
>To ease the confusion, it was decided that all support techs would
>henceforth be known as "Bob", and identity badges were created
>labelled "Bob 1" and "Bob 2". (No, we never got any further).

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