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Date: Tue Jan 16 2001 - 10:38:57 PST

It's pretty scary. I recommend MetaFilter instead. :-)


PS- nice subject line! I've been thinking that the Microsoft "embrace
and extend" is really only part of the story. The Microsoft++ approach,
as typified by the Crossgain flap, is going to be "embrace, extend,
smack down (the competition)". Still living in interesting times! :-)

Matt Jensen wrote:
> An intriguing bit-collector is on the scene.
>, a Slashdot for pop culture, from clever folks.
> I think I've just found a new daily requirement.
> -Matt Jensen
> Seattle
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> Subject: Feed, Suck, and Altculture Present Plastic
> Dear Feed, Suck, and Altculture subscribers,
> Your days of clammy palms, paranoid nightmares, and baited breath are over.
> Today marks the day when we reveal to the world the hulking frankenstein's
> monster we've been cobbling together in the basement of Automatic Media for
> all
> these months: Plastic.
> In case you hadn't yet caught word of what we're up to with Plastic, here's
> the
> simple explanation: Plastic is a pop-culture version of Slashdot, serving
> the
> audiences of and edited by some of the best culture, entertainment, and
> politics
> sites online (specifically: Spin,, The New Republic, Wired
> News,
> TeeVee, Nerve, NetSlaves, Modern Humorist,, and Inside.) Put in
> less
> cryptic terms, Plastic is a place designed to make it easy to swap the
> smartest,
> funniest, and stupidest things on the Web: union-busting at Amazon,
>, bootleg Orrin Hatch MP3s,, and so forth.
> Sure, Plastic's got other neat features, like filterable discussion threads,
> flexible sorting tools, customizable newsfeeds and so on -- but to mention
> any
> of these would only confuse the issue. Just think of Plastic as an
> information
> laxative, your best bet for getting at the Internet's richest waste.
> Did that help? It doesn't really matter, since you're about a minute away
> from
> seeing Plastic in its full glory, ready for you to slap around, puzzle over,
> and
> with any luck, ultimately turn into your Web site of choice for
> time-wasting,
> goldbricking, and all-purpose procrastination.
> Before you get seized by tremors and night fright again, allow us to assure
> you
> that neither Suck, Feed, nor Altculture will be altering their publishing
> schedules or scaling back on their almost incomprehensibly hi-fi editorial
> quality in any way. Plastic isn't about content-hatin', it's about
> content-participatin'.
> See for yourself: <>
> Enjoy.
> -Joey Anuff
> Editor-in-Chief, Plastic
> Automatic Media
> 225 Lafayette Street, Suite 606
> New York, NY 10012
> 1-866-PLASTIC
> 212-343-0475 fax

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