Re: Today's AmIHotOrNot clone...

From: Strata Rose Chalup (
Date: Wed Jan 17 2001 - 16:23:57 PST

Can "" be far behind? No, wait, don't answer that...
though there is one cat picture where the caption says they had to
hit the cat with a frying pan to "untangle" it. Ah, those crazy

And why doesn't anyone bother to have more than two categories? Doh!

I'd actually enjoy a "rankmytank" aquarium site. Seriously! Any tanks
with baby tridacna (in good health, of course!) get at least an 8 in
my book. They're SO cute when they're little. :-) Baby morays, too.

Yeah, I know, deep in the memetic layer of any restless iconoclast
lurks some mindless ravening tendril of 97%er, but hey, who cares?
My name constitutes truth in advertising, and you never know how deep
the trepannation layer is set for at any given time. Them's the breaks.



Jeff Barr wrote:
> Jeff;

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