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Web-Based Car Renting Firm Zipcar Raises $1.3 Million Seed
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CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (VENTUREWIRE) -- Zipcar, a Web-based car reservation
company that provides car renting services to city residents, said it
has raised $1.3 million in a seed round of funding. The financing was
provided by the Boston Community Venture Fund, Seed Partners,
Gravestar, and a number of individual investors. The company said it
will use the funding for general operational purposes, and research
and development. A representative from Boston Community Venture Fund
is expected to take a seat on Zipcar&#39;s board of directors. Zipcar
parks cars throughout dense urban neighborhoods and makes the cars
available to members who reserve them online for as little as an hour.

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Zipcar and the Star Wheel
at First Night in Boston
If you only need a car occasionally, this is the service for you.
Zipcars can be found at parking locations throughout the city and are
available for use by members for any length of time. If you drive
fewer than 4000 miles a year, our rates make using Zipcar much less
expensive than owning a private car, renting, or taking a taxi,
because you pay only for what you use. And best of all, we pay for
gas, do the maintenance, and provide off-street parking. Use a car
whenever you want without the hassles of owning one.

More than 150,000 people in 450 European cities are driving this way.
We think it is time for Americans to enjoy the benefits as well. Only
members have access to Zipcars. We offer individual, household, and
corporate memberships. Apply today!

What are the benefits of Zipcar?

* Low cost access to cars
* Always available
* No car ownership headaches
* Use shared resources
* Reduces number of cars in the city
* Efficient use of parking
* Improves air quality

How does Zipcar work?

* Reserve online; 1 hour minimum up to 2 months in advance
* Unlock the car with a smart card
* Drive away
* Return to the same location before your reservation time expires
* Leave car as clean as you found it
* Walk away, free of car ownership responsibilities

See our Common Questions to find out more about how Zipcar works.

How does Zipcar compare to a car rental agency?

Zipcar's convenience and accessibility lets it integrate into your
lifestyle in a way rental cars never can.

* You can reserve and pick up a car anytime
* We offer fixed rates
* We have a one-hour minimum
* Cars are conveniently located

How does Zipcar compare to owning your own car?

According to AAA, the average new car costs its owner $5300 per year.
That's $3.63 an hour if you drive 4 hours a day every day of the
year. If you drive half that, you should consider Zipcar. Our rates
include all car ownership costs and parking as well.

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