RE: Today's Suck

From: Joseph S. Barrera III (
Date: Thu Jan 18 2001 - 11:22:26 PST

> Moving outside the realm of exaggeration to serious discussion (right
> :-)), are you *really* espousing that email should be
> generated in HTML?
> You'd be the first person whose opinion I respect to do so...

John, I'm taking the liberty of replying to you publically,
since others are probably wondering the same thing.

> If that *is* what you're advocating, why? My reason for ASCII is that
> it presumes nothing about the display device...

Neither does HTML, does it?

Lynx is alive and kicking. Is there a mailer integrated with lynx?
Or should I look instead at some HTML/mail reader in gnu-emacs?

> It's readable anywhere, by anybody. Since the point of sending email
> is to communicate, it seems reasonable to want the recipient to be able
> to read what you've written, no? :-)

Oh, come on. All of us here can read HTML, right? :-)

> Seriously, dude, why HTML?

Because it's pretty. And I'm a sucker for pretty.
I mean, I just swapped out a perfectly good working
DVD player for a new one that does progressive scan.
I bought my own 22" monitor for work when I joined
Rubric (now Broadbase) because I didn't like the image
on the 21" Dell monitors that they had available.

I *like* the fact that at work, I can send mail in a nice font,
in a dark red color against a blue-sky-with-clouds background.
(An Infinite Jest reference, not a Windows 9x reference.)

I mean, I know it's silly. And I know the technical arguments
are against me. But if I like HTML and Japanese bubblegum pop,
I'm going to admit it, even if I don't expect anyone to respect
me for it. :-)

- Joe

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