RE: Today's Suck...

From: Robert S. Thau (
Date: Thu Jan 18 2001 - 11:46:56 PST

Joseph S. Barrera, III writes:
> Oops, wrong hat. Let's try
> ... with, of course, the caveat that you
> can't really EVER design a protocol that
> will prove that the targeted reader actually
> read the message.

Note, from section 2.1:

   While Internet standards normally do not specify the behavior of
   user interfaces, it is strongly recommended that the user agent
   obtain the user's consent before sending an MDN. This consent
   could be obtained for each message through some sort of prompt or
   dialog box, or globally through the user's setting of a preference.
   The user might also indicate globally that MDNs are never to be
   sent or that a "denied" MDN is always sent in response to a request
   for an MDN.

Also, unlike web bugs, this mechanism does not allow a doubleclick-ish
tracking system to connect an actual email address with a previously
anonymous browser cookie.

In any case, this particular memo is from 1998; maybe I'm not looking
hard enough, but from where I sit, it isn't exactly setting the world
on fire.


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