RE: web bugs

From: Damien Morton (
Date: Sat Jan 20 2001 - 09:40:26 PST

Theres a standard way of bundling up a whole bunch of media files into one
multipart mime file and for creating urls that reference the other parts.
Something to do with "cid:xxx" or somesuch. Havent looked into it too deeply
except as a mechanism for bundling binaries with xml, but i believe this is
used for some of the "send..." options on IE.

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From: Lucas Gonze
Sent: 19/01/2001 13:25
Subject: web bugs

To solve web bugs, the mail reader/ html renderer should refuse to load
content not within the transmitted message.

You can get images and other junk needed for complex documents in there
having a URL that refers to other parts of a mime/multipart message.
example "img src=stuff.gif" can consider the _directory_ to be the
relative path if the page is loaded from a web browser, but the message
be the relative path if the page is loaded via email.

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