Re: Thirteen Days

From: Matt Jensen (
Date: Sat Jan 20 2001 - 14:02:13 PST

I haven't seen it, and based on what I've read about it (Rohit's note not
withstanding), I prefer to wait until I can see it for free.

>From what I've read, the movie's take is that, after the spy photos came
in, some generals were looking forward to a war, and only the Kennedys'
brilliance averted it.

In reality, nobody knew what Kennedy "should" have done. In hindsight, he
made the right call. But an invasion might have been better than a
quarantine, or blinking and letting the ships through might have been
better than calling Krushchev's hand. The point is that at the time,
nobody really knew how the Soviets would respond.

My main gripe with what I've heard about "Thirteen Days" is that most of
the time it keeps you out of the EX-COMM meetings. That's where the story
is! And it hardly mentions Krushchev's *two* letters, and how RFK made
the brilliant decision to pretend they never got the second letter.
Rather, I get the impression we'll just see a Kennedy coming out of the
meetings, telling Kevin Costner, "They wahnt wahr!", and then Costner goes
off to find some Donald Sutherland character with a smoking gun. Ack!! I
think I'd rather see "The Missles of October."

If one of you who has seen the movie (and knows the history) can tell me
my fear is misguided, please let me know. Thanks!

-Matt Jensen

On Sat, 20 Jan 2001, Rohit Khare wrote:

> ... very highly recommended!
> Not necc. to see in theaters, to be sure; the DVD will be an
> educational resource for years to come. There is definitely some
> fiction overlaid on the story, but you couldn't write a political
> thriller with more backbone than this slice of reality.
> Excellent reproduction of life in 1964. That, as well as the
> gravityof the tale, really sets into perspective how much *all* of
> our work in high-tech is an entertaining art form, not a matter of
> life and death.
> An actual reminder, in the wake of this past campaign, that politics
> really does matter. And a fine meditation on the weakness of leaders
> that can be overcome by *leadership*, if that makes any sense to
> anyone else...
> Can't really say more in its support than you wouldn't find anywhere
> else on the Net. I wish I had nieces old enough to discuss it with --
> and hopefully they'll be interested then!
> Best,
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