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>Subject: FC: Bush's whitehouse.gov launches with embarrassing errors, bugs
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> Anybody Home at Whitehouse.gov?
> by Declan McCullagh (declan@wired.com)
> 4:00 p.m. Jan. 21, 2001 PST
> WASHINGTON -- President Bush not only got the keys to the White House
> this weekend, but he also took over the official whitehouse.gov
> website.
> While the new president's speedily organized inaugural celebration
> concluded without incident in a chill rain, the launch of the Bush
> administration's Web presence was not as successful.
> Dozens of links return error messages, and the home page appears to
> have sported an unusual slogan on the left-hand rail when it first
> went up on Saturday: "Insert Something Meaningful Here."
> At high noon on Saturday, as Bush and Vice President Cheney took oaths
> of office on the Capitol building steps, the new administration
> officially took over the whitehouse.gov domain.
> Many of the text-only whitehouse.gov pages, designed for readers who
> are visually impaired or have low-bandwidth connections, return broken
> links. Clicking on the text-only option from the search page results
> in a malformed link with the title:
> "www.whitehouse.gov/--%20INTERFACE%20LINK%20."
> Links at the bottom of the White House History page -- including past
> first families, first ladies, or tour information -- return "404: The
> page cannot be found".
> In the children's area of whitehouse.gov, the Historic Moments page
> includes broken links to images of Abraham Lincoln and Franklin
> Roosevelt.
> On the home page, the placeholder message "Insert Something Meaningful
> Here" briefly appeared on the left side of the screen, according to a
> Wired News reader who saved a screen snapshot. The message, according
> to the snapshot, appeared under "President George W. Bush is
> Inaugurated as President of the United States" and above "Recent
> Additions."
> [...]
>Remainder at:
>Snapshot of "insert something meaningful here" (also submitted by other
>Examples of pages with broken links:
>Or, for example, click on "text only" from the search page:
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