Re: fleet week: just-in-time nuclear electricity?

From: Brian A. LaMacchia (
Date: Tue Jan 23 2001 - 17:00:42 PST

Apparently it's harder to wire the ships into the grid than you'd think; see
Peter Gutmann's description of some of the things the Aucklanders tried
during their long blackout in '98:

(Paragraph 5 under "Generators and Disaster Plans" in particular...)


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Subject: fleet week: just-in-time nuclear electricity?

> Anyone here know enough about naval nuclear reactors to say whether
> a few subs and aircraft carriers in the bay and cabling them to the local
> power grid could save silicon valley from rolling blackouts?
> Just wondering.
> If this would work, I'd suggest tethering a sub in the Berkeley
> marina, for optimal irony generation.
> - Gordon

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