Re: P2P microrant (in honor of the P2P conference :-) )

From: Tom Whore (
Date: Tue Jan 23 2001 - 09:43:01 PST

(go back and reread rant)

Totaly magicificaly beuatifull, and for many sad reasons will fall on more
deaf ears than not. Why?

Its stated in the opening paragraphs. The number of us who grew up with
the idea of Network in our heads is slim to rare. The idea of
Controlaable Profits from the UNIT is still the main view.

I rmeber getting bizzare look from some of the folks i was working with
when I described how fido net worked. they wanted to know who was charging
for passing the messages from node to node, who controled all the nodes. I
still get that baout usenet with some of the newer old time radio folks.
They want to know who to write to to complain about a usenet post. when I
tell them its the user they still want some one in charge to yell to..

THis is why I rained on the napster parade. ITs still about SOmeone in
charge. Napster central was and is still napster. WHo is ftp? who is
usenet? who is email?

Yes napster is now the father of a slew of bastard offsring, but thats
very much not to its new outlook.

I think you hit it on the head when you say "wheel wheel wheel". Over the
last years or so Ive seen more than a few folks stand in front of the new
black monolith of (insert the IT of its day) and make that the focal
point. THe thing is, if you watched the entire film, the black monolith is
just one of many, in fact that one was just a early warning of thought
marker bouy. When we get to see where its from, what its full of, and the
possibilities of an uncoutned number of them strung out across uncounted
light years of space/time/experience....then we get a glimpse of whats
behind the stage setting.

"another prop, to occupy my time" ms

"Ceci n'est pas pipe "

The other thing I think you hit on really well is the time frame of the
observer and thier realtion to the big picture. Firls of View varies
not only with time and experience but with that value of open mindedness
that is much like common sense in that its neither common nor sensical. I
can easily see how the FOV of many can see the elephants leg as the entire
picture while others think its the trunk and still other so inclined sense
the tail as the totality of the experience. Just how much and how fixed
the the field is can go a long way to explaing a persons hypernations and

I think something like this should be at the p2p gathering, a sense of
grounding to the last few decades of history, a bigger view of where we
came from and where it is the road springs from. Without these anchors we
are merrely adrift on short attention span voyages of jutting course
changes and homerian wanderings.

Of course with those images in mind just imagine how much tour guides and
map makers can charge:)-

"dont give up the hope
for the dope" JJ

"what profits a man who should gain the net but loose his connection"

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