RE: "older than dirt"

From: Lucas Gonze (
Date: Mon Jan 29 2001 - 07:35:02 PST

per greg:
> I still crack up on the FoRK posting about
> receiving a tv signal from thin air. How many
> people remember life without VCRs and cable?

I'm a thin air guy myself. I just can't reconcile to paying for TV. This was a
fairly masochistic attitude until Tivo.

With Tivo I find that I don't miss cable and hardly use the VCR. There's a few
nights worth of quality entertainment in a a week of thin air broadcasting.

The strangeness of Tivo is in harvesting stuff that would normally be on in garbage
time - broadcasters can get away with anything at 3am. The really annoying thing
about Tivo is that you can't adjust the antenna when you're watching a recording.

BTW, I bought the lifetime subscription to Tivo listings for an extra $200, so I
still don't have to pay a monthly bill.

- Lucas

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