w. supports his privates (was Re: greenspan (and more media bias))

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Date: Mon Jan 29 2001 - 15:11:41 PST

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<< > The issue of how federal tax dollars are spent is the essence of the
> 'conservative vs liberal' debate imho.
 If only that were true, that might be a tractable problem. Unf., the debate
 also about the culture war: whether and to what extent any given moral
 should be legislated, and if so which ones. IMO, that's the horns of the
 jb >>

i was excited to learn today that w. bush announced federalizing - or at
least sending fed money - to faith-based community service agencies to fund
initiatives dealing with literacy, adolescent crime, poverty, etc.

some private, faith-based agencies, fearing government control, will not
accept federal dollars. some, in the so-called liberal media, fearing secular
contamination of social services, will protest today's action. a new divide.

i think federal funding of tried-and-true faith-based programs in churches,
mosques, synagogues and agencies is a GREAT idea - many of these have been in
place for decades doing a phenominal job. i could cite as an example how a
particular STATE agency in our district has failed miserably in its mission
while we are succeeding, but i can't name names or share details. this
scenario is not an isolated one.

anyway, in the span of less than a week i've posted two examples of how the
federal government is moving private sector jobs over into the public purview
- first IT and now this. (picture a private vacuole in a public rotifer.)
the mighty mighty culture clash begins.


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