Re: The New Jargon

From: Bill Stoddard (
Date: Wed Jan 31 2001 - 14:36:46 PST

Shining bright red now....
I did not carefully read the entire article and will do so now. I retract my
"open his eyes..." rant and thank you for pointing it out. His eyes are quite
wide open it appears.

I did read some other stuff on rre from around the same time and from those
writings and what I have read of this one, I stand by my basic criticism:
The timing and politicised delivery marginalizes the message. How the message
is delivered is nearly as important as the message itself. Taken in the
context of the time it was written along with the other writings on rre at the
time, it appeared to be targeted at cutting political enemies to pieces. The
delivery pushes it dangerously close to -exactly- the sort of thing he is
chastizing, only substantially more sophisticated.


> You claim "if he opened his eyes ...", directly ignoring contradictory
> evidence from the article itself:
> > The fact is, of course,
> > that neither Clinton nor the cult invented the general technique of
> > projection, which is found anywhere and everywhere in human history
> > that people engage in aggression despite a culture that claims to
> > disapprove of it. So I'm not just talking about doubletalk, or
> > unfairness, or false accusations, or bias, or lack of objectivity, or
> > propaganda as general matters.
> Thus, Agre seems to be quite aware that much politically biased, and
> negative rhetoric has been present for thousands of years,

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