Re: NYTimes and media bias -- was RE: greenspan (and more media bias)

Date: Tue Jan 30 2001 - 09:49:16 PST

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<< Oh, please, don't let's beat this spavined nag all the time. Quoting Dan
on the subject of media bias is like quoting Janet Reno on the subject of
prosecutorial partiality. He's a great guy and very smart, when he was at
Fortune, was a valued colleague, but Dan's about 300% more biased than the
New York Times—that's one reason he's a columnist—and one of his biases is
antipathy toward the Times. You cold probably do a Nexis search on Dan's
stuff and fail to find any column by him in which he acknowledged that the
Times might have been fair and right on anything whatsoever.
 Tom >>

i thought greenspan was referring to pork. both parties went a little hog
wild (forgive me) in recent years with the surplus; i assumed he was
cautioning against spending PERIOD.

(that tried-and-true reagan-era generated agitprop "tax-and-spend liberals"
has definitely worked its way deep into right's mitochondria so that they
can't hear "spending" without hearing "liberal." thank you fox, thank you


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