Re: HTML email

From: Karl Anderson (
Date: Sat Feb 03 2001 - 15:31:10 PST

Lucas Gonze <> writes:

> I think it's pretty ballsy of JB III. to question the dogma against HTML
> email. Come to think of it, I think he's absolutely right. Why shouldn't
> Pine be able to launch lynx in-place? At this point in time, is there any
> environment without an HTML renderer?

Yeah, what's wrong with making people throw out their text tools and
use some web browser for no better reason than making the fonts

Hey, why not just send GIFs? Everyone has a GIF renderer, right?

This resembles the trend of distributing all docs in HTML format only.
I just love trying to read machine-generated HTML with an editor
because I don't have a HTML browser with a regexp matcher.

Why not force the world to use Structured Text? It sucks, but sucks so
much less than HTML. And it's human readable, unlike complex HTML.
Oh, but you can't make blinking red words. Forget it.

Karl Anderson 

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