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From: John Klassa (
Date: Tue Feb 06 2001 - 05:00:40 PST

  +> By using letters instead of the old naming convention of the
  +> approximate year the product came out — such as Windows 98 or
  +> Office 2000 — Microsoft is trying to build enthusiasm among
  +> personal computer users, said Rob Enderle, a research fellow with
  +> Giga Information Group in Santa Clara, Calif. "There's certainly
  +> a big push to try to re-excite the consumer side of the market,"
  +> Enderle said.

They'd excite me more if their stuff didn't suck.[1][2]


[1] Routinely, IE 5.5 on my W2K box will fail to load a page. It just
sits and spins. Bring up Netscape, boom, page rendered. Routinely,
if I'm doing something with Eudora, it and IE will interfere with each

[2] I know this has been griped about to death, by why on earth would
you have your apps manage iconify/deiconify for themselves? Nothing
drives me nuts like an app that won't die, and which I can't remove from
the screen because it's not responding to iconify requests. Or an app
that's initializing, so that I can't move it out of the way. Argh.

John Klassa /

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