Re: blame it on texas

From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Tue Feb 06 2001 - 09:48:52 PST wrote:

> THIS is what really irritates me. his supporters keep chanting: "he's a
> uniter" and "he'll bring dignity back to the white house." he can't even
> dignify a statement.

Agreed. He's a uniter in the sense of "okay, y'all, we're gonna do it my way,
y'all can either get on the bus or you're gonna get left. And if you're not
gettin' on the bus, there must be somethin' wrong with ya, give it a while and
you'll come around, you'll see it my way."

What a crock.

Well, the clock's ticking. Less than 4 to go. It's gonna be funny, don'tcha
think: Bush, G.H.W. (4) - Clinton, W.J. (8) - Bush, G.W. (4) - Clinton, H.R.
(8) - Bush, Jeb (?)... then who? (Jeb's shot assumes GWB doesn't burn ALL
the political capital seizing the Trifecta Years to advance the most
controversial elements of the religious right's agenda and engaging in culture
war, which he might well do. Well, at least Jeb seems to be the
semi-intelligent one of the bunch. He actually seems disgusted by the rest of
them from time to time...)


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