Re: Fwd: blame it on texas

From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Mon Feb 05 2001 - 10:38:54 PST

Hey, just because we somehow managed to produce W*, that doesn't mean all the bad
stuff comes from here. ;-) Cali's power problems are *strictly* her own. And,
btw, those problems could partially be alleviated if the Socialist Republic of
California didn't set a cap on how much utilities could pay to buy "foreign
power" from surrounding states / systems.


*ps: W... grrr.. did I say I would've voted for him over Gore if I'd had to
vote for one of the two? Worst nightmares confirmed: he *is* a stealth weapon
for the religious right, and (not only that) but he's making a huge PR / foreign
relations faux pas with this whole NMD thing. Grrr..... wrote:

> THIRD attempt. hope they all don't come thru at once.
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> Subject: blame it on texas
> Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2001 00:02:08 EST
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> Peter Navarro:
> " That's when the utilities decided to turn the lights off much sooner--or
> so the "blackout-bailout" theory goes. To achieve this, Edison paid a huge
> dividend to its shareholders, thus ridding itself of any excess cash to buy
> power. Both Edison and PG&E also moved assets over to their unregulated
> subsidiaries so that these assets couldn't be used as credit to purchase
> electricity."
> geege
> (i posted this via kragen yeshterday - don't know where it went. the link,
> now over one week old, is probably available as an archive only, access of
> which requires latimes registration. all worth it, really.)

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