Techno: Classical Mushroom

From: Eirikur Hallgrimsson (
Date: Thu Feb 08 2001 - 08:39:43 PST

I owe Philosmatika for introducing me to Infected Mushroom.
The Classical Mushroom album has finally gotten them some distribution in the
U.S.--I deliberately bought mine from Amazon.

This is a stunning album. It's basically techno/trance made with the
analog-orchestral skill set and aesthetic of a Wendy Carlos or a Larry Fast.
It sounds like it was recorded with audiophile 24/96 (bits/khz) technology,
certainly a far cry from the lo-to-mid fi of most techno recording, and it
plays with that fact, contrasting a one-dimensional rhythm track recorded
with 16-bit digital glare with a classical guitar far back on the z axis.
That takes imagination and phase-coherent equipment.

There are a bunch of interesting decisions made in this album. Almost all
of the classical music references are quoted by lo-fi renderings, usuallyh in
their own mix layer, despite the fact that they played that stuff--it's not
sampled from orchestral recordings, and it's often played here on
non-imitative instruments. In contrast to this, the techno elements, which
are usually based on relatively lo-fi gear are often luxuriously, lovingly,
rendered with all of the sensuous flavor of that beloved flaky old
voltage-control gear.


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