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Date: Thu Feb 08 2001 - 08:12:14 PST

On Fri, 2 Feb 2001, Dave Long wrote:

--]> I sure wish there was a book that explained how to think like a
--]> programmer, e.g., what are the essential, non-language, non-platform
--]> truths about programming.

These are books taht my dad handed down to me in my youth which greatly
shaped the way I think, tackle programming and life in a more general
sense. Some are obvious, some are not. With a few decades to reflect back
on these tomes and thier impact on me I am now in the processof passing
them down the next generation.

Wff 'n Proof by Layman E Allen
Green Eggs and Ham Dr Suess
The Glass Bead Game Herman Hesse
Beneath the Wheel Herman Hesse
The Adventures of S Holmes A C Doyle
Tamming of the Shrew W Shakesphere
Intro to Logic Copi
Last and First Men Olaf Stappeldon

While not a book per see I have to add these two items
Sea Monkeys
The radio shack project kits for kids
(the electronic kits with the springs and more importanatly the computer
that was make from slides and metal clips working as a logic gate to light
up bulbs...very very key)

I will leave it to the reader to tag the reasons of importance. If asked
I could go further into the whys.

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