An offer you can't refuse

From: Wayne E Baisley (
Date: Fri Feb 09 2001 - 14:00:12 PST

BSA (NOT the Boy Scouts) has been running a radio spot here in Chicago,
and other large cities, about their "truce" to allow companies to get
legal with their software licenses during February. Unlicensed and
pirated software is a problem, and all that, but the ad is a scream.
Maybe it's just that I live in the land of the Saturday Night Massacre,
but it comes across sounding like a shakedown, or at least FUD to me.
The prez says:

"Unless you have no current or former unhappy employees, you are only
one phone call away from becoming the target of a BSA investigation."

Disgruntled? Launch your own "DoS" attack today! Call 1-800-...

That's out of context of course, so go get the MP3 for yourself, and
have a good laugh like I do every time it comes on (frequently, on WLS
AM, the Big 89, the 50,000 watt yapper, etc.).


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