Re: who put the goober in gubernatorial? (was Re: blame it on texas)

From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Sat Feb 10 2001 - 10:33:18 PST wrote:

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> << << Getcher terminology straight, Geege. All of the following denote *very
> different things.* >>
> REGIONAL terms, man. texans and oklahomies are virtually indistinguishable
> once they open their mouths. and take off their clothes, per cindy. :-)
> they don't call 'em long horns for nothin'!

Aw, gah. Okies are *absolutely* distinguishable from Texans. Take your standard
Okie from Norman, compare 'em to your standard Texan from just over the state
line in Wichita Falls, and the difference is obvious. The Okie's wearing Lee
jeans, the Texan's wearing Levis.



> ha,
> geege

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