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Date: Sat Feb 10 2001 - 22:51:53 PST
>Aliens in America
>by Sandra Tsing Loh
>Directed by David Schweizer
>February 3 - March 4, 2001
>A sharply funny one-woman show performed by public radio
>commentator, humorist and fiction writer, Sandra Tsing Loh. Loh
>takes us on a hilarious journey of growing up in America as the
>daughter of a Chinese father and German mother, with side-splitting
>side trips into an Ethiopian vacation and mail-order brides. What is
>this thing called family? Who are these parents and children we're
>related to?? Savvy, insightful and politically incorrect, this
>high-energy powerhouse performer has been compared to humorists like
>Mark Twain and Lenny Bruce. Not to be missed.
Sandra Tsing Loh
BS '83
>Writer-performer Sandra Loh hasn't done any physics since she got
>her BS, but that doesn't mean her stay among Tech's "unique
>characters" wasn't a formative influence on her professional life.
>She's drawn on her undergraduate experiences in two one-woman,
>off-Broadway shows ("sort of like Spalding Gray's stuff"), as well
>as in a movie script she's currently developing for DreamWorks. She
>is also the author of a novel, If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home By
>Now, and a collection of essays about Los Angeles, Depth Takes a
>Holiday. In addition, Sandra has a regular spot, Loh Life, on a Los
>Angeles-area radio station.
>Even after completing a master's program in English at USC, Sandra
>remains impressed with the quality of her Tech literature courses.
>She especially remembers Professor Jenijoy LaBelle as a "standout."
>For her, Caltech was "a good clarifying experience. It's a very
>supportive environment where you can explore just about anything you
>want, where you can really find yourself."
>Loh Life: Sandra Tsing Loh's semi-autobiographical commentaries on
>the twists and turns of life in that sunny and yet often
>surprisingly fetid bog called Los Angeles. Aging bachelors, the
>horrors of "funny" e-mail and bombing at Sundance-it's all here.
>Hosted by: Sandra Tsing Loh
>Contact: Sandra Tsing Loh
>Tapes & Transcripts: None available at this time.
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