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Date: Wed Feb 07 2001 - 08:02:05 PST

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--]3. The players' helmets pop off all the time, every third play or so.

In the case of the NY Hitmen's QB it helped, because it got hom out of the
game. Thankfully Vince thought to have two games running at the same time
so if one stunk up the place he could switch over to the other. Thats
another reason why the XFL will have a better to chance to succed thatn
most of the ipoed companys in the last 5 years.:)-

Not to be forgoten from this equation is JR and Jerry Lawler. I never
thought they would do such a great job announcing. Jr in particular has
got the right flavor in his voice for the game.

Another fun XFL habit is thier willingness to try a few new tech gizmos
but not be stuck with them.

It is interesting that the XFL teams are all owne by the XFL. Makes for an
interesting resource mngmt situation.

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