Re: blame it on texas

Date: Sat Feb 10 2001 - 18:16:24 PST

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<< I fear people named Jeb. >>

even poor mountaineers who barely keep their families fed?

waitaminute - FED? i knew it - it's all part of a master fed plot to put
hillbillies in office.

the clampets discovered crude, the bushes exemplify it.
the bushes are into into black gold (texas tea), big time.
the matriarchs, granny and barbara, though morphically dissimilar are both
caloric of temperment.
jethro was one lucky bastard, w is olb. both have megarich father figures
who greased their careers.
jethro had wild career swings; w went from managing a baseball team to
texas borders oklahoma.
i just know w secretly refers to his swimming pool as the cement pond.
the clampets drove a jalopy; the bushes drive a chevy suburban. both are
suck vehicles.
jethro had fantasies of being a secret agent. w has secret service agents.
jethro had an honorary degree; w "gradiated" from yale.


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