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Date: Sat Feb 10 2001 - 12:32:53 PST


* You were referred to me as someone who was ready for
a Financial Breakthrough!

* If you want to be successful you must first find someone who
is successful and Duplicate what they do.

* I am willing to teach you the secrets that I have leaned in creating
Financial Independence given that you pass a brief qualification.

* I am looking for a few motivated and teachable individuals who are ready to start earning at least $2000 per week starting right away. And a SEVEN FIGURE income within the next 2 years.
Yes, I said, "You could be a millionaire!" Can you accept this in your life?

** This is not multi-level marketing or a pyramid scheme or a get rich quick scheme. This is a Real, Legitimate business that does require a certain individual.

Call me Toll Free at the number below and I will contact you back to conduct a brief interview and to provide you with additional information.

1-800-320-9895 ex 4774
24 Hrs/ 7 Days

Thank You and I hope to hear from you!

"The moment you commit and quit holding back, all sorts of
unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance will
rise up to help you. The simple act of commitment is a powerful
magnet for help!" - Napoleon Hill

To get off of it send email to

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