Re: "Rage to Master" from Dr. Winner

From: Dave Long (
Date: Tue Feb 06 2001 - 11:03:17 PST

> * Marching to their own drummers
> * A rage to master

There was a review of Nettle's _Strong
Imagination: Madness, Creativity and
Human Nature_ in Nature a little while
ago, which offers a parallel:

    ... [He] suggests a couple of
    reasons why a little dose of
    madness might be a good thing
    for a creative artist; mania
    provides the energy and drive
    necessary for sustained lonely
    work, and schizotypy favours
    divergent thinking.

> This conclusion of flat performance once the IQ exceeds 120 flies
> in the face of common sense. If this is true, what are we doing wrong?

Why? Doesn't common sense say that if
one part of a system is overbuilt, the
bottlenecks will occur elsewhere?


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