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Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 11:09:53 PST

This looks like it could be good news in the long-run, but in the
short-run it's a bit of a pain. I've used deja-news for years to
read a few newsgroups, which are now very clunky to navigate.


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Google Inc., the award-winning search engine company, has acquired's Usenet Discussion Service, including its archive of more than
500 million messages--a terabyte of human conversation dating back to
1995. Since reaching agreement with Deja, Google has been working
non-stop to ensure access remains available to the largest archive of
newsgroups on the net.

As this historic Deja archive is reformatted to improve performance,
Google will provide high speed, high quality access to newsgroup
postings already archived by Google from August 2000 onward. Once the
optimized Deja archive is added, you will be able to access more Usenet
information than ever before. You'll be able to peruse not only recent
posts, but all of the 500 million archived messages (many of which had
been taken offline previously) with the speed and efficiency of a Google

In addition to expanding the number of postings available, Google will
soon be providing improved browsing capabilities and reinstating
posting. In the interim, these services will not be available.
Registered users will continue to have access to their my-deja
email accounts, but no new users are being added to the Deja mail

For more information about the transition from Deja to Google, please
read Google's press release.

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other new Google features, sign up for our Google Friends Newsletter.

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