Re: blame it on texas

From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 14:17:30 PST

Ah, stereotypes... dontcha just love 'em? Would we even *have* comedy
without them?

Personally, I'm most leary of the birkenstock-wearing
socialist-party-voting Atkins-diet-advocating neo-ex-neo-hippy
post-boomer multimillionaire (1997-2000) technology marketers. The
monogamy-advocating psuedo-feminist closet-misogynist quasi-luddite
taxpayers are a concern as well, as are the idaho-living
fully-automatic-weapon-bearing separatist farmers and the
quasi-neo-psuedo-ex-post-facto Gnomes of Zurich, American Reform Branch.

Or anyone who wears Doc Martens with a sports jacket.

Or people who have one arm shorter than the other one.


Aw, hell, people are scary. Trust No One.*

;-) :-)


* Waitasec, no, the disaffected post-Rave Neo-Hipsters are okay, aren't
they? How about the post-Grunge Goth-Industrial ex-skater street
urchins? Sigh. Life was simpler in high school in the 80s. Then we
just had hicks, freaks, preps, geeks, and jocks.

Lisa Dusseault wrote:

> > > Birkenstock-wearing Green Party-voting macrobiotic
> > > > treefuckers
> >
> > BTW, no offense intended to the named group. I actually ate
> > lunch at this macrobiotic joint here in Austin this week
> So it was the macrobioticists you'd rather not offend? As opposed to
> the birkenstock-wearers, the green-party-voters, or the treefuckers?
> I'm wary of offending birkenstock-wearers, myself -- Who knows what
> other sick things they may be capable of?
> ;)
> Lisa

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