librarians are the enemy? (fwd)

From: Chris Olds (
Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 17:02:37 PST

[resent /cco]

Seen on /., and very scary - fair use is under threat to the extent that
lending books is being framed as "lost revenue"...


Of all the dangerous and dot-complex problems that American publishers face
in the near future -- economic downturns, competition for leisure time,
piracy -- perhaps the most explosive one could be libraries. Publishers and
librarians are squaring off for a battle royal over the way electronic books
and journals are lent out from libraries and over what constitutes fair use
of written material.

Grossly oversimplified: Publishers want to charge people to read material;
librarians want to give it away.

"We," says Schroeder, "have a very serious issue with librarians."

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