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From: Chuck Murcko (chuck@topsail.org)
Date: Tue Feb 13 2001 - 00:05:52 PST

It's my belief that if you have to redesign the CPU for the OS, then either the OS or the CPU sucks. And, sad to say, people will pay twice the price for far less than twice the performance...

http://www.investors.com/editorial/tech.asp?v=2/12 (subscription)

"It's A Jimi Hendrix Experience" Investor's Business Daily (02/12/01) P. A6; Seitz, Patrick Microsoft plans to hold a preview for its Windows XP project this week in order to generate excitement over the new operating system software. Windows XP, short for "experience," will be demonstrated Tuesday in Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's new Experience Music Project building in Seattle, a rock and roll shrine dedicated to Seattlite Jimi Hendrix. Expectations for the system among industry analysts are low, following the lackluster sales of Windows 2000 for Microsoft's corporate and government customer base, which comprises 75 percent of Microsoft operating system sales. Gartner Group's Tom Bittman says the system will be more reliable than previous releases, although Microsoft needs to make a special effort to emphasize the value of the system. Consumers will be hesitant to change from Windows 95 or 98 unless they see significant benefits to installing XP, says Gateway's Brad Williams. PC makers are hopeful that the new operating system will stir demand for new desktop hardware that leverages the multimedia capabilities that XP touts, such as flash memory for MP3 file transfers to portable devices. Intel is already planning to configure its new Pentium 4 chip around Windows XP and is currently working around performance bottlenecks that, when solved, will make Pentium 4-based systems 40 percent faster than Pentium 3 systems.
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