Guerilla Network Trading

From: Tom WSMF (
Date: Tue Feb 13 2001 - 13:27:13 PST

Came across this today. Appologies if its crusty dusty.


Current version: 0.6 What is Guerilla Network Trading? A program made for
spreading political propaganda in countries without the freedom of speech.
Guerilla Network Trading is a distributed file system using network in
network, inspired from Gnutella. The princip is, if you have a client,
that client knows 3-5 other computers, that knows 3-5 other computers.....
The problem using Gnutella is the traceability with downloading, the
search for something is distributed, but the downloads is still performed
peer to peer. We have (with the loss of performance) made a piece of
software that downloads though the network in network. This means, if you
are computer A, that searches for a file, and that file is found on the
computer D, then the download could be from d-c-b-a. The point is that you
never will know! Due to the performance in this kind of file transfering,
it is recommened only to use with high bandwith, and not with too many
computers (100 computers is preferred). The communication between the
clients is done by using RSA 2048 bit assynchronious cryptation and 128
bit blowfish. The cryptation between the different clients is also done
with different blowfish keys, to avoid someone listening on the network
and figure out who is sending the data.

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